Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Four days to go....

So, as I committed to losing my sanity and doing the Wildflower Long Course, I promised that I was going to be better about posting updates.


Life gets in the way.

Two fronts to update.  First and foremost, Wildflower.

This is going to be my first 70.3, and who knows if it will be the last.  I think it will be a good test to see if the full ironman for the big 40 is a realistic option.  Personally?  Mind over matter.  But I think my wife would probably leave me if I basically took a whole year to train for an event.  She has been more than accommodating with the time commitment that I've put in to Wildflower, and so I thank her for that.  Anyway, how do I feel... Good.  I can do this.  It ain't going to be pretty, but I think I will meet my goal - finish on my own two feet.  

The season has gone very well... in some ways too fast; I'm going to miss hanging out with the EB Tri Team.  I've met a lot of really cool people (as I always do with TNT)... Just hope that we're all able to stay in touch.  I haven't had any real injuries this season - which is good... although I've had the sporadic foot problems. Plantar fascitis (sp?).  I can tell it isn't gout - because it isn't swollen.  But a day after a run, if it isn't stretched out, man it's hard to walk.  And thank god it's in my right foot and not my left.  Because I don't know how I would be able to operate a clutch.  But I feel good.  I'm looking forward to the experience of a big 70.3; and I'm looking forward to that beer at the finish line.  The only sad part is that I can't see my teammates race on Sunday.  That's the other big update.

We're moving.  Yep.  Leaving OakTown and heading back to the 925.  We found our little piece of suburbia.  Got the keys today, and move next week.  So that's it.  We found our 30 year plan.  Couldn't be more happy.  Ready to start the next chapter of our lives.  OAK had its moments.  Some good, some bad. And I will miss our house... We have a lot of sweat equity, and we had some good times there.  And contrary to popular belief, I will miss having my in-laws around the corner.  That element has been the high-point of our 6.5 years here.  One of these days I'll give you the long narrative of my 9-years in the east bay; but not right now.  Time to go to bed.

Anyway, next time you hear from me, I will be HALF IRON.  

Till next time...

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